Car Registration Fees Could Go Up

As if owning a car in California isn't costly enough already

The cost of owning a car in California could go up if the Bay Area's regional transportation planning agency has its way.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission wants to increase vehicle registration fees to help fix roads, add High Occupancy Vehicle (carpool) toll lanes, improve bus and rapid transit services and improve bike and pedestrian amenities.

On Wednesday, the MTC will present its stand on certain bills proposed which would affect drivers across the state, according to the Examiner.

If legislators approve it, the plan would add no more than $10 a year to annual vehicle registration.

The agency is also opposing a bill offering toll-free access to emergency vehicles responding to emergency calls when crossing a toll bridge or highway. They also want to toss out the plan to allow military veterans or plug-in hybrid vehicle drivers to travel solo in carpool lanes.

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