Ferrari Might Lose Living-Room Parking Spot

You know what this room needs... a Ferrari

Miss Universe Organization

Honey, you left the Ferrari in the living room, again.

It's a complaint some auto enthusiasts would welcome. But when complaints about his unusual parking situation reached City Hall, Brentwood's Holger Schubert's plan started to backfire.

Schubert set up a 10-foot bridge off Tigertail Road so he can park his Ferrari 512 BBi "Boxer" (Hemming's lists one for $115,000) in his living room. The gleaming silver work of art is just like any other piece of home decor -- except this one has 12 cyclinders, more than 300 horsepower and goes from 0 to 60 mph in about the time it took to read this sentence.

It's also revved up Schubert's neighbors. They complained to the city, which now has withdrawn permission for Schubert to use the bridge. Neighbors complained that the city made a mistake when it approved construction.

City of West LA planners could issue an encforcement order that would require Schubert to remove the bridge. The LA Times reported that Schubert could obtain a zoning variance or a court reprieve to keep the bridge.

If you're not a car person, it might seem eccentric.

But there's some logic to what might seem like architecture gone car crazy. Holger told the LA Times that he envisions a day when emission-free vehicles allow owners to drive them right into their homes, which would "really open up the design of houses."

"I wanted to create a backdrop for the car as a piece of art," Schubert said last year. "This is a space whose only purpose is to enjoy the car."

Architectural Digest magazine called it the winner of its Design Drive contest last year.

And think how much easier it would be to unload groceries or get your luggage in the trunk.

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