Conditions Are ‘Epic’ at Snow Play

Time to tube, before all of that plentiful Big Bear snow is but a melty memory.

Big Bear Snow Play

What to Know

  • Big Bear Snow Play
  • Open daily, and Friday and Saturday evenings
  • $35 per person per session; kids 36" to 42" get in for $20, with a paying grown-up (and can ride on the same inner tube together)

Some day, far sooner than you think, during this very calendar year, in fact, you'll be outside, in July or August or September, and it will be sweltering, and you'll be wishing you had a hat or a parasol or sunglasses or all three, and you'll think back to this damp and chilly February.

A February that's seemed downright splashy, thanks to storm after storm after storm. And while we people down in the lowlands keep saying the word "raindrops," up in the mountains they're putting a different spin on all of this precipitation: snowflakes.

A lot of the stuff has fallen, in recent weeks, around Southern California's sky-reachingest peaks, which means that if you've been thinking about a visit to one of the recreational destinations, like Big Bear Snow Play, now is the time.

How "now" are things up the big hill?

Conditions at "Southern California's largest snow-tubing park" have been deemed downright "epic" as of Wednesday, Feb. 20, and there's "more snow in the forecast."

Some 52 inches of "natural snow" have fallen at the Big Bear spot over this winter so far, and half of that arrived in February (which, yes, is only two thirds over).

The base is even bigger than you might think, for the destination has also made snow, meaning the base at the tubing park can measure anywhere from five to 20 feet.

As we were saying, it'll be August in a blink, and you may wish you had jumped into all of this snow while the wetting, er, getting is good. Spring is but a month away, after all.

Find the hours and more details about Snow Play here, and remember that the park's popular Glow Tubing is still running on Friday and Saturday evenings, from 5 to 9 o'clock.

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