Court: Contract in Blood is Waste of Hemoglobin

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- A California appeals court says a blood oath is a waste of hemoglobin.

The Fourth District Court of Appeals in Santa Ana agreed with a lower court Tuesday when it ruled that a contract written in blood between two Korean businessmen is unenforceable.

In October 2004, the two men were out drinking and one agreed to repay the other about $170,000 of an investment. The deal was written in blood on a piece of paper in Korean characters.

The translated note read: "Sir, please forgive me. Because of my deeds you have suffered financially. I will repay you to the best of my ability."

The friend who was owed the money sued to collect in 2006.

But a judge, and now the appeals court, ruled the claim was invalid and an "unenforceable promise."

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