Father's Day

CSUN DEAF Project Marks 10 Years With Father's Day Celebration

CSUN's Deaf Education and Families Project offers support for families with deaf or hard-of-hearing children

A California State University, Northridge project that provides support for families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing marked its 10th anniversary with a Father's Day celebration.

The CSUN Deaf Education and Families (DEAF) Project and members of the Deaf community were part of the program's event at Bloomingdale's Santa Monica store. 

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"Switched at Birth" actor Ryan Lane and Estie Schmilovich dance wearing SUBPAC vests, which pulse sound through the body, during a Father's Day celebration with the CSUN Deaf Education and Families (DEAF) Project .

The DEAF Project, which began in May 2007 at CSUN, provides support for families with deaf or hard-of-hearing children. The project offers free American Sign Language classes, mentors for parents and other services.

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Rachel Friedman Narr, director of DEAF Project, at the welcome table during the project's Father's Day celebration.

"Most of the time, when parents realize that their baby is deaf, that baby is the first deaf person they've ever met," said DEAF Project Director Rachel Friedman Narr, a professor of special education and Deaf education at CSUN. "It can be especially challenging for fathers to accept that their child is 'different,' and to embrace those differences. We really want to acknowledge and extend our gratitude to those men who are finding ways to be there for their children."

Ten percent of Bloomingdale's sales during the event will go to CSUN's DEAF Project. It includes a demonstration of physical sound technology, which pulses sound through the body, by SUBPAC. LA-based sustainable fashion-maker Clean Aesthetic will offer custom screen-printing of American Sign Language-based designs created for the anniversary celebration.

Click here for more information about the DEAF Project.

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