DEA Raids Westside Marijuana Dispensaries

LOS ANGELES -- Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided at least two Westside marijuana dispensaries Tuesday, and a spokesperson defended their actions, despite President Barack Obama's opposition to such raids.

One of the raids was at the Marina Caregivers at 730 W. Washington Blvd. about noon, said Sarah Pullen of the DEA.

Marina Caregivers was served with a search warrant, she said, declining to say if  anyone was arrested.

A Los Angeles police spokesperson said the department, which is normally notified of such operations, got no advance warning from DEA.

A medical marijuana activist told City News Service another dispensary called The Nile was raided at 1505 Pacific Ave. in Venice.

Asked about Obama's comments that he did not want to waste Justice Department resources on raiding medical marijuana shops, Pullen said that "marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

"The law is still that it is illegal to possess, distribute or cultivate marijuana in any way," she said.

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