Debt Fight Fatigue

Californians are sick of debt ceiling squabbling in Washington DC.

It takes a lot for us to stop what we're doing and really pay attention to lawmakers on Capitol Hill,

The fight over raising the debt ceiling seems to have done just that.

"Everybody's pretty much taken their stand and they're not budging," said Angela Clayton, a frustrated voter.

On Tuesday the switchboard at Congress almost crashed as residents from all across the country called to voice their anger at the stalemate in Washington over raising the country's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling.

The deadlock is something most would be hard-pressed to explain, especially a businessman who has been in the lock and key business for decades.

"If I ran my business the way they're running the country, I would have been out of business 35 years ago," said Rudy Kessman, owner of Los Feliz Lock & Key.

"It's like a vicious circle," according to Frances Urias, a frustrated voter. "We're in debt and we owe, and we're in debt, and we owe, and then, what's going to happen?"

"We have to keep our economy going somehow," according to Clayton.

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