DMV Investigators Crackdown on Drivers Who Illegally Park in Handicapped Spots

The DMV hopes crackdowns will not only deter repeat violators but also raise awareness about the seriousness of the issue

Investigators with the California Department of Motor Vehicles are cracking down on drivers who park illegally in spaces designated for the disabled.

The DMV chose the Glendale Galleria not only because it's a busy mall, but also because it is spring break, which means more people looking for parking. It didn't take long for investigators to find drivers illegally choosing premium disabled parking spots.

DMV investigators approached everyone who parked in a space clearly marked for disabled placard holders. It's part of an ongoing crackdown on drivers who abuse the system, either by not having a placard at all or by using someone else's.

"The most frequent violators we get are those who are utilizing placards of friend or family member or placard they found or maybe they purchased it off the internet," said DMV commander Randy Vera. 

It's a problem not limited to Glendale, investigators said. In the past three years, the DMV has conducted 270 operations statewide and they've issued more than 2,000 citations. Those who are using the placards legitimately were pleased about Tuesday's crackdown.

But not everyone was happy about the crackdown.

One woman was using her husband's placard but he wasn't in the car with her. She became angry when she realized she would get a citation and tried to block news crews from covering the story.


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The DMV hopes crackdowns like Tuesday's will not only deter repeat violators but also raise awareness about the seriousness of the issue.

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