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Dog's Remarkable Recovery "From Brink of Death" Goes Viral

Bethany, a year-old Shepherd mix, was found with severe mange and multiple infections



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    Annie Hart
    This image of a recovering 1-year-old shepherd mix was taken 60 days after she was rescued in grave condition from the streets of Los Angeles.

    A 1-year-old shepherd mix "on the brink of death" just two months ago is on the mend and ready to be adopted after two Los Angeles-based rescue foundations collaborated to save her.

    Dubbed Bethany by rescuers, the dog was quick to trust her rescuers as they lured her into their van using a cheeseburger.

    "The moment we pulled up and saw her laying there, I thought she was dead," said Annie Hart, of the Bill Foundation. "She was in really bad shape. She had mange, all her fur was missing and she had three or four infections, including an eye infection and a bladder infection we didn't know about until later.

    “She also had been pregnant before we got to her. Her puppies had miscarried due to her poor health."

    Hart and Eldad Hagar, owner of the Hope for Paws Foundation, chronicled the dog's rescue from the moment they saved her, pictured below, and created a video, which has garnered more than 4 million views (embedded below).

    Bethany welcomed rescuers scrubbing off her mange even though it’s a painful process because she knew it would help her, Hart said.

    "She had two choices: run or trust us," Hart said. "Right away, she took to being loved."

    Bethany is in a foster home, where she plays and interacts with other dogs as she waits to be adopted.

    "She's a happy, healthy, normal dog that lacks confidence," Hart said. "But she has a kind and gentle spirit."

    For information on how to adopt Bethany, click here.





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