Dog Survives Being Stuck in Drainage Ditch After Running Away on Fourth of July

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A dog survived being stuck in a drainage ditch after running away on the Fourth of July thanks to the help of Good Samaritans in Riverside County that saw a post on social media.

Kody Marquez, a lifetime animal lover, says that when she saw photos of a dog wedged inside a steel pipe in a drainage channel, she knew her family had to do something.

"I said I don't think we can just let this go," Marquez explained. "It was 100-degrees that day and the concrete was about 138."

The drainage pipe off Cherry Valley Boulevard near Beaumont was at the end of a steep embankment, but Marquez's husband was up to the task.

"He just started to gently toss her food," she said.

It took more than an hour for the dog Perla to come out of the ditch.

"Finally, he poured out a bottle of water into a bowl. She came right for it," said Marquez.

Once a leash was over Perla's head, the dog walked right out.

"She hopped right in the car," said Marquez. "We were completely ecstatic. We all just started crying."

The couple took Perla to Fire Station 66 in Beaumont. As part of a pilot program, Riverside County Animal Services sent 20 microchip scanners to county fire stations.

Perla had a chip, which helped track down the owner. The two were eventually reunited.

"Make sure you keep your pet's safe and get them chipped," said Aubrey Foschee.

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