Dorner 911 Tapes Released

A couple tied up by the ex-LAPD officer who went on a killing rampage called 911 in February

Kate Michael

Audio of the 911 call a Big Bear couple placed Feb. 12 after being tied up by disgruntled ex-LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner was released Tuesday, KPCC reported.

In the partially redacted recording, Karen Reynolds tells a police dispatcher that Dorner entered a condo and held them up at gunpoint before tying them up and taking off in their truck.

"We were tied up by Dorner," Reynolds said during the 21 minute phone call.

Reynolds, who managed to use her cellphone while tied up to call 911, said Dorner had been armed with a rifle that had a silencer.

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Minutes after Dorner departed, Karen Reynolds freed herself enough to get to her cellphone, calling 911 in speaker mode with her hands still bound.

She told the operator she believed Dorner had been holed up in her condo just across from the manhunt's command center during much of the search.

"I'm pretty sure he's been here the whole time," Reynolds said.

"You guys are just across from the command center?" the operator said, sounding surprised.

The couple stayed on the call while they waited for deputies. Karen Reynolds at one point falls over and groans in pain.

Dorner was an ex-LAPD police officer and former United States Navy reservist who was charged in connection with a series of shooting attacks on police officers and their families from between February 3 and 12.

Four people were killed in the shootings, including two police officers and three police officers were wounded.

Dorner was the subject of one of the largest manhunts in LAPD history that spanned two states and Mexico before he shot himself while holed up in an unoccupied cabin in Big Bear during a standoff with police.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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