Driver Runs Down 3 Pedestrians; Then Flees

Police are searching for a hit-an-run driver who struck three pedestrians and a parked car in Downtown Los Angeles Sunday morning.

The accidents started near the intersection of 11th Street and Hill Street at around 3:06 a.m.. Firefighters responded to the scene and found the victims in an alley.

“When we got here, we found in a parking area behind that intersection, we found one victim that was struck by a car,” said Captain Albert Ward, Los Angeles City Fire Department.

“Subsequently, we found two victims, which turned into three victims,” said Captain Ward. The victims were taken to local hospitals suffering from moderate injuries, he said.

The accident scenes covered an area of at least two blocks, said Captain Ward. Witnesses told police the suspects’ car is described as a black four-door Audi with a cracked windshield.

An investigation is underway as to whether or not these accidents were intentional, police said.

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