Excessive Heat Wave Expected Through Weekend

Temperatures expected to cool by Tuesday.

Southern California residents are looking for ways to stay cool as weather is expected to enter an excessive heat phase beginning Friday and lasting through the weekend.

Residents were cautioned to stay cool and hydrated to help endure the heat as previous high-temperature records could be broken.

"We decided to come early in the morning with my granddaughter she wants to play in the park but there is no way during the daytime," said Glendale resident Hasmik Nagapepyan.

Some families are taking advantage of pools and water features at public parks. But people are advised to "hydrate, put sunscreen on, stay in the shade whenever you're out of the water, if you get too hot pop some ice packs, drink some cold water," said Vartan Shahnazarian, a pool manager in Glendale.

Officials opened cooling centers in Los Angeles and Orange Counties anticipating the hot weather conditions. Residents were told to call 311 or 211 to locate a cooling center in their area if they needed relief.

High temperatures were expected to calm by Tuesday, bringing slightly cooler temperatures.

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