Slow iPhones and Unsafe Food

Hoodia supplier sent fake supplements which wouldn't have worked even if they were real, FDA says.

Hoodia Settlement: Neutraceuticals International LLC and Stella Labs LLC were banned from claiming that their products helped promote weight loss under a settlement announced this week by the U.S. Food and Drug Adminitration. The agency cited David J. Romeo, Craig Payton and Deborah B. Vickery in the scheme. The three together will pay about $26 million in judgements and for supplying manufacturers a substance which they claimed was a derivative of the plant Hoodia gordonii, which is native to southern Africa.

iPhone batteries: Apple, Inc., said this week that customers have reported shortenede battery life with devices running the company's new iOS5 operating system. Spokeswoman Natalie Harrison said the company has found bugs in the program adn will release a software update to address them in a few weeks. The latest iPhone, the 4S, uses the new software.

Food Recalls: That oyster recall was only the beginning. Federal food safety regulators have pressed companies to issue 14 recalls over the past ten days. Among them, 85,000 tins of butter cookies sold at Rite Aid pharmacies, organic olives from Italy and smoked fish from the Philippines.

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