Acrobat: “Fortunately, I Remember Nothing”

Her director says Sarah Romanowsky fell in "textbook fashion"

Sarah Romanowksy says she doesn't remember much about her fall at the Beverly Center.

"It terrified a lot of people," she said on "Good Morning America." "Fortunately, I remember nothing. That's a blessing."

The 26-year-old aerial acrobat broke several bones when she fell during the finale of the holiday show "Hunky Santa and the Candy Cane Girls." She broke her pelvis, wrist and six ribs.

Witnesses said she fell fom the third level of the shopping center. Romanowsky landed on a video projection cube.

"Nothing felt out of the ordinary," she said. "Suddenly, I went from being inside the hoop to underneath it, then blackness."

The show's director said she fell in "textbook fashion." She was able to brace herself before impact.

She spent seven weeks in a wheelchair, but Romanowsky said she is recovering well.

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