Giovanni Ramirez Takes LAPD Polygraph Test

Giovanni Ramirez, the suspect in the Byran Stow beating, has taken his second polygraph exam in two days--both at his request in an effort to convince authorities he was not at Dodger Stadium. 

Although his attorneys wouldn't discuss the results of the test or the type of questions that were asked, they said they remain confident Ramirez would be absolved.

"We think 100 percent our client is innocent," attorney Anthony Brooklier said. "He didn't beat Bryan Stow and he wasn't at Dodger Stadium. He's never been to Dodger Stadium. He certainly wasn't at Dodger Stadium on March 31, 2011, opening day."

Brooklier and co-counsel Jose Romero revealed they had obtained a court order for Ramirez to undergo a so-called lie detector test at County Jail Tuesday.  The exam was administered by Jack Trimarco, the former chief of the FBI's polygraph unit, now in private practice.  Trimarco was retained by the Ramirez defense.  Wednesday's second exam was conducted by an LAPD examiner at Parker Center.   The defense attorneys and Trimarco were able to observe on closed circuit television.

Though Trimarco declined to characterize the findings of his exam, had he found Ramirez to be untruthful, it is unlikely Ramire's attorneys would have allowed an LAPD examiner to have at him.

The Ramirez defenders say they have been seeking evidence to corroborate his assertion that at the time of the attack he was some three miles away in an East Hollywood neighborhood.  The attorneys also contend Ramirez did not then have a clean-shaven head, as depicted in the suspect likeness on the widely-circulated wanted poster.

Brooklier said he would be "shocked" if the District Attorney's Office filed any charges against Ramirez.

"I honestly believe that LAPD and the D.A.'s Office are looking for the truth, as we are," he said. "Nobody wants to prosecute the wrong person ever, but nobody ever really wants to prosecute somebody that's wrongfully charged on this case, because that means that there's somebody out there, you know, who's smiling. We're trying to wipe that smile off that person's face. We want LAPD to get the right person."

Defense attorney Jose Romero added that prosecutors' decision on whether to file charges likely won't hinge solely on the results of the lie-detector test.

"I think it's a culmination of all the evidence that our offices have been able to provide and put on the table," Romero said. "This is just a piece of the puzzle to paint the ultimate picture of freedom for our client."

Ramirez has not been charged with the attack, but remains jailed for allegedly violating his parole. He was taken into custody May 22 at a Mariposa Avenue apartment where he was staying. Ramirez had been brought to the attention of LAPD investigators by his parole agent, who recognized a resemblance to the likeness of Suspect No. 1 in the wanted poster.

Ramirez has at least two prior felony convictions, and California  Dept. of Corrections and Rehabiliation records reveal he has been in and out of prison three times since 2005.  He currently remains jailed on an alleged parole violation--failure to inform his agent of his correct address.

It has also come to light that Ramirez was implicated as a possible suspcect in a Januardy shooting outside Las Vegas, Nevada.  Keith Paul, a spokesman for Henderson Police, said the case remains open.

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