Pacific Ocean

Glowing Dolphins Up the Wow Factor With Streaks of Neon Light Off the SoCal Coast

Video from Newport Coastal Adventure shows the spectacular effects of bioluminescence after sunset off the coast of Southern California

NBC Universal, Inc.

Streaks of electric blue light cut through the water in mesmerizing video of glowing dolphins captured Wednesday off Newport Beach.

The video was captured just after sunset Wednesday by Newport Coastal Adventure. The dolphins, bathed in a neon glow caused by bioluminescence, swam next to the boat, leaving streams of light in their wake.

Bioluminescence is a biochemical emission of light by organisms. The chemical reactions within those organisms, like marine algae and fireflies, give them a sparkle.

Most types of animals include some bioluminescent members, according to NOAA. It’s typically used to warn predators, lure and find prey, and to communicate with other members of the species.

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