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FBI Issues Nationwide Warning Officers of ‘Halloween Revolt'

The FBI sent out a nationwide alert Tuesday warning local police departments of a possible "Halloween Revolt" by a known anarchist group called the National Liberation Media.

The so-called National Liberation Militia apparently asked its members to wear typical holiday masks, and create a disturbance then ambush police on Saturday.

The FBI issued a nationwide alert but in a later statement cautioned that it’s protocol to keep local agencies in the loop:

"As part of the continuous dialogue with our law enforcement partners, the FBI routinely shares information about potential threats to better enable law enforcement to protect the communities they serve."

The LAPD confirmed to NBC4 Tuesday evening that they have received the information and have shared it with commanding officers.

"We're working with the FBI to validate the level of threat and we will take appropriate action," LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said. "I'm not going to discuss that level of action because it wouldn't be in the best interest of our officers to do so. But we will take action based on the validity of the threat."

LAPD Commander Andy Smith said it’s not a credible threat against the city of LA, and the LAPD had already planned to put extra officers on patrol for Halloween.

"We urge the public to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to law enforcement," the FBI said in the alert.

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