Inside a High-Speed Chase: How Authorities Train for SoCal's Dangerous Pursuits

The high-speed police pursuits for which Southern California is notorious captivate residents and keep them within inches of their television screens, but no one is more on edge than those in the middle of the dangerous chases.

“You'll have lights and sirens on. You'll have the radio going. You will be updating your location. You may be talking to other ground units where you are at and what's going on,” LA Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Ocello said, describing the chaos inside squad cars in pursuit.

And all of that happens while traveling upwards of 70 mph while the fleeing driver leads the way.

A trainer at the department’s Emergency Vehicle Operations Center, Ocello simulates pursuits on the racetrack at LA County Fairgrounds in Pomona to train deputies on what it is like to be in the middle of the chaos.

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