Holiday Travel Etiquette: Try a Little Tenderness

Holiday travelers who want to ease their discomfort should think of their fellow passengers.

It has been said, It's not the destination, its the journey. Try telling that to a holiday traveler wedged into an uncomfortable economy seat on a cross-country flight, while young children are screaming in their ears.

Air travel may be the fastest way from here to there, but it can also be the most uncomfortable. So, the challenge this holiday season may be how can we all help each other enjoy the ride, just a little more.

Here's one piece of advice we heard more than once: If you wear colognes and perfumes, don't get on board smelling like a duty free shop. And on the other extreme, proper bathing is recommended.

And don't get too chatty.

"Making friends is great to an extent," said traveler Nigel Downer. "I don't know if we need to get into my career, or my animals or my pets, you know what I mean."

And try to control your kids.

"When people kick the back of your seats, that sucks," said Jen Hieminga. "Parents aren't keeping those feet under control."

Traveling with kids gives parents a special responsibility. Those without kids remind mom and dad that your vacation doesn't start until your flight has ended.

Some moms and dads win over their neighbors with pre-emptive drink vouchers or earplugs. Because the truth is, sometimes kids are hard to control.

"I think I can hand out apologies in advance," said parent Neil Afifi.

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