How to Check Your Doctor's Credentials and Background

Do you have all the information on your doctor? Conducting a background check into your doctor's credentials is important so you know that their license is current and they're the right type of specialist for you.

Here's how to check a doctor's credentials and background. 

Start by Checking a Doctor's Credentials:

- Do they have a valid doctor’s license?

1. Look on the California State Medical Board website

2. Are they board certified? The main boards are:

3. Are they licensed in other states?

Click here to see if your doctor is licensed in one or more of the 50 states. 

Check Consumer Advocate Websites and Courts:

1. Patient Safety League 

2. ProPublica – Vital Signs 

Check if the Doctor Has Been Sued:

- This may require a few searches and some creativity.

1. Google is usually a good place to start by combining your doctor's name with search terms like "lawsuit" or "malpractice."

2. You can also search the Superior Court website for your county here

Doctor Rating Websites:

These can be a source of good information but the information may or may not be reliable. It also may not be complete and can be potentially influenced by paid marketing companies.

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