In One Way, LA's Just Another Cowtown

Every fall landscapers spread steer

How's this for a little Christmas cheer: You're walking your Westside neighborhood in Los Angeles, enjoying the holiday lights your neighbors have hung from the eaves, maybe enjoying the scent of pine logs burning in someone's fireplace then, whoa Bessie, you're checking your shoes and scanning the sidewalk for dung.

Must be fall in Los Angeles, fresh fertilizer season, that time of year when landscapers, and a few energetic do-it-yourselfers, spread a little Christmas steer from one end of the yard to the other in the hopes of a green spring to come.

Homeowners don't even need to pay for the stuff if they don't want to. Bad as this economy is, turns out there are still some things you can get for free, like manure. A quick search on Craigslist reveals a few local providers willing to part with their cache sans compensation, provided you haul it away.

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