Inside the Fire Zone: Touring a Restricted Area Ravaged by the Woolsey Fire

A first-hand look past the barricades, inside the Woolsey Fire burn zone.

Jeremy Wolf showed NBC4 the route taken by the Woolsey Fire when it burned through multiple communities.

"They need to get emergency supplies to horses that are up in the hills," Jeremy Wolf said as he got into a car and put on his seat belt. "I've become a resource for the community, and middle-man between the authorities manning the police roadblocks and residents out here trying to figure out whats going on past the barricades."

Wolf, who works in the office of State Senator Henry Stern, grew up in Agoura Hills and his family still lives there. He's a local, who knows all the locals.

Thursday he delivered emergency supplies and has allowed NBC4, and an iPhone, to accompany him for the ride, getting a first-hand look inside the restricted area through social media. 

"Everyone I know is communicating using Instagram," he said. "That's where locals are looking for answers." 

Wolf traveled along the route taken by the Woolsey Fire when it burned through multiple communities, including where it jumped the 101 Freeway, and the path it eventually took through Malibu right to the ocean.

Along the way is complete destruction. Power lines were down everywhere, hundreds of homes destroyed, and a gray and black landscape that looked more like the moon than Malibu.

Toward the end of the day, atop an Instagram-famous cliff known as "the snake Mulholland," is a vantage point of all the communities ravaged by the fire. A small charred squirrel killed by the fire is there. He is gray, and easily mistaken for a rock, frozen in time, still in the motion of running. 

One tiny animal made the enormity of the destruction all the more obvious in the ash left behind by the Woolsey Fire. So much land and homes were destroyed, not only for human residents, but for its wildlife too.

Watch the social media video above and scroll through the gallery below, for a look inside the burn zone. Follow @NBCLA for more social media content like this.

Photos: Inside the Woolsey Fire Burn Zone

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