It's Time to Rock the OC Taco Fest

The tacos are around three bucks. And there are plenty of 'em, too.

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What to Know

  • Saturday, Dec. 7
  • Orange County Marketplace
  • $15 advance/$20 day-of; tacos $3 each

The super-terrific thing about tacos is they're wrappable, but they're not wrappable.

Get us?

Surely you do. When we say wrappable #1, we're talking about the nummy notion that tacos, as a rule, arrive wearing their own tortilla-type coat, only a coat that can by happily devoured by the eater (as opposed to the kind of coats that must be stowed in the closet).

But they can't be wrapped, for Christmas or Hanukkah, because they'll make the box rather soggy, in the end.

The solution? Eat your tacos before the holidays. 

There's no need to break out the pretty paper and the bows at the OC Taco Festival, which is a party that's all about you eating lots of tacos.


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OC Marketplace is the destination, Costa Mesa is the city, Saturday, Dec. 7 is the date, $15 is your general admission entry, if you buy it ahead of time, and you'll want money once you start taco-ing around the daytime celebration.

Each taco'll be priced in the three-buck arena, so cash-up appropriately. 

You know yourself best.

Other happenings include the Tiny Taco Dog Beauty Pageant and the Hot Chili Pepper Contest Presented by Bohica Pepper Hut.

Though, yes, you eating tacos is the main event.

After all, while tacos can be wrapped (read: the tortilla), they can't really be wrapped (read: Christmas paper), so best chow down now, without worrying about gifting them to anyone.

Unless, of course, you want to cover your best bud's entry to the festival, and her taco enjoyment, as an early holiday gift.

That would probably go down in her "ten best" gifts ever, we'll just predict, and while we don't know your friend, we don't think, we do know that people and tacos is a one-two pair-up that's pretty perfect, overall.

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