Jackson Death Bed No Longer Up for Bid

At the request of the Jackson estate, the company decided to remove it

The bed Michael Jackson died in is no longer up for bid, it was reported Wednesday.

Shortly after Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the pop star, Julian Auctions announced that it would be holding an auction December 17 to sell many of MJ's belongings—including the queen sized headboard from Jackson' s death bed.

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But at the request of the Jackson estate, the company decided to remove it, according to the Washington Post.

“This item is the only portion of the bed that had been listed for auction, and no part of the bed remains for sale,” company president Darren Julien told the Post Tuesday.

The mattress was never part of the auction and remains with Jackson's estate, the company said.

"Michael Jackson has played a major part in the history of Julien’s Auctions and we would never do anything that is not in the best interests of Michael’s children, his mother or the Estate. We will always honor these requests,” Julien said in a statement published in the Post.

Other items will still be part of the auction, including fine art pieces with some estimated to be valued at $30,000, antique furniture, a Victorian Revival Style armoire valued at $8,000, modern furniture, rugs, and a chalkboard that retains a note from one of Jackson's children.

Photos of the house and the items available for sale are featured in a limited-edition auction catalog, which is being sold for $100.

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