Coming This Fall: The Wedding of Jeff and Erin

A card says so much... but not nearly as much as a blockbuster trailer

Save the date and bookmark this page. It's the movie-style trailer for the Wong-Martin wedding... Coming: October 2010. 

"We created this EPIC wedding trailer as our Save-the-Date," the couple tells visitors on their YouTube page. "It's a parody of action movie trailers, with every cliche we could think of. Sorry for the terrible acting."

The wedding is scheduled for October in LA. Jeff Wong and Erin Martin met in September 2000 while studying in Claremont, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles.

As the trailer says, "All she wanted was to find Mr. Right. Instead she found, Mr. Wong."

According to their wedding website, Martin grew up in the Coachella Valley. Wong was born in South Vietnam. His family lived in a refugee camp before moving to Southern California, according to the website.

They now live in Sydney, Australia.

To create the trailor, they used an impromptu green screen (a wall near their apartment), hired an inexpensive voice actor and used some deft filming and editing on their home computer.

The Wong-Martin wedding also has a wedding poster that documents its awards -- "Most Unexpected Couple (2000)" and "Most Anticipated Wedding (2010)."

We nominate the trailer for "Best Save the Date (Ever)."

Here are more details about how they made the trailer.


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