Final Jackson Rehearsals Won’t Be Shown at Murray’s Trial

Representatives from Sony argued neither prosecutors nor defense attorneys should be allowed to show the uncut video

AFP/Getty Images

A judge won't allow jurors to view video of Michael Jackson's final rehearsals during the trial of the pop star's personal physician.

Judge Michel Pastor reviewed the video -- previously-unseen footage of Jackson's rehearsals for a series of comeback concerts -- last week. He approved a motion by the studio to prevent the images from being shown at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Prosecutors wanted to show the video in an effort to show that Jackson was healthy before his death in June 2009. Pastor said the images were valuable to the studio and did not show Jackson in poor health as Murray's attorneys have contended.

The video might be used for extended versions of the film "This Is It."

"There is absolutely nothing in those materials that could have been of assistance to the defense,'' Pastor said.
Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. His trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 8.

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