LA Bunny Party Nixed, Inland Hooters Gone

Economic worries so great Inland Empire fails to support more than two Hoooters

A moment of silence, please, and be so kind as to stifle the old-timey lectures about how the Super Bowl is supposed to be some sort of character-building experience for the whole family.

This is grown-up time, and the sad truth I have to report is more shocking than a wardrobe malfunction, or even the recent revelations about this year's Lingerie Bowl being played at a nudist resort.

This is about the end of all fun.

What's the world coming to when worries about Wall Street spread clear across the country to shut down the Playboy Super Bowl Party at LA's Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills for the first time ever?

And, as if that wasn't bad enough, the Hooters in Temecula is closing too!

Of course, though I reside within bus-riding distance of the Playboy Mansion, I've never visited, let alone been invited. But, as long as the Super Bowl Party existed, there was always a chance.

And, though I'm sure the Hooters in Temecula was also an excellent place to watch the Super Bowl, I've never even been to Hooters ... in Temecula. But, as long as it existed, there was always a chance (albeit a much, much, much slimmer chance than my being invited to the Playboy Mansion).


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No more.

Word is the Playboy people are actually going to use the money they save to launch a new Web site.

And Hooters ... A story in The Press-Enterprise said the closure of the only orange restaurant in Temecula leaves the whole Inland area with only two other locations!

You know things are bad when The 909 and, er, uh, The 951 can support multiple area codes, but no more than two Hooters.

But, couch dwellers take heart. The Los Angeles Times reports that this year's Super Bowl commercials will be cool despite big cuts to many big advertising budgets.


There are even two new advertisers in the ranks this year -- Pedigree dog food and Denny's restaurants.

They still have a Denny's in Temecula, though I've never been there either.

-- TJ Sullivan

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