LA Marathon: Where to Watch

Hollywood restaurants shall be brunching.

The role of the marathon spectator is typically a more relaxed one than the people hoofing it for 26.2 miles, or at least more sedentary. Stay-in-one-place-y? Okay, that works.

But that doesn't mean spectating is without its challenges. Any person who wants to support a friend running the LA Marathon knows that finding a nice curb or bench, near maybe a restaurant, with some shade, and snagging parking within eight blocks, requires patience and humor.

Oh yeah. And oodles of luck.

Which makes locating the ideal spot from which to wave at your carb'd-up pal crucial. Marathon organizers have compiled a spectator's guide for the Asics LA Marathon, which legs it across a wide swath of the city on Sunday, March 9.

Starting point? Dodger Stadium. End point? The ocean via Santa Monica. Both spots'll take on their bustling share of non-runners, so if you're thinking you'd like a sparser seen head out into the one of the middle miles.

Perhaps Hollywood, where a number of restaurants in and around Hollywood and Highland will be open for brunch including Littlefork, Mel's Diner, Saint Felix, Delphine Hollywood, 25 Degrees, and The Grill on Hollywood. Runners are expected through Tinseltown from 7:45 to 10ish.

Entertainers will dot the miles. Headed for mile 8, on Hollywood near Edgemont? The Mary Lind Recovery Center Choir shall sing. DJ Coalcut will spin at mile 18 in Santa Monica. Mile 18 is also close to Cheer Alley, where some 600 high school pep leaders'll be clapping the runners onward.

Wherever you head, keep in mind that the Red Line'll take you a lot of the stops, without the fuss or muss of parking (or, let's be honest, the frustration and disappointment). Make for the boulevard, below ground, brunch, then wave at your friend as she trots by, her thumbs-up held high.

Spectators, after all, help make the marathon the marathon.

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