200 Extra Firefighters, Paramedics Brought in for 405 Closure

The LA Fire Department is getting a plan together to make sure Carmageddon weekend doesn't bring service to a halt.

The 405 will completely shut down between the 101 and the 10 during the weekend of July 15 as part of a freeway widening project, which will include the demolition of half of the Mulholland Bridge.

The LAFD will bring in 200 extra firefighters and paramedics over the weekend to make sure the department can still respond in a timely manner to 911 calls in the area affected by the closure.

The department says there will also be an additional fifteen fire engines and six ambulances staged at three fire stations in the area.  Helicopters will be on standby, ready to fly to medical emergencies that cannot be reached on the ground.

"We also will have six brush patrols," said Cecco Secci of the LAFD.  "What brush patrols are is they are an off-road vehicle with firefighters on board which will be making the rounds in any inaccessible areas, and we'll be patrolling and keeping an eye on everything."

The LAFD is asking the public to help out by staying away from the closure area, if possible.

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