Laker Stalker Ordered to Stay Away

A restraining order issued last month against a woman who has allegedly stalked Los Angeles Lakers guard Derek Fisher was extended for three years.

The order issued by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Cunningham against Symone Fisher will remain in effect through May 18, 2012.

After the hearing, Derek Fisher's lawyer, Blair Berk, praised the work of police as well as the ruling by the judge.

"We are pleased with the efforts of law enforcement to protect Mr. Fisher and his family," Berk said. "I'm also gratified that the judge issued this order."

Neither Derek Fisher, 34, nor the woman appeared in court Monday.

Symone Fisher allegedly sent e-mails, messages on social networking sites and letters to the Lakers guard saying she was his wife. But in a sworn declaration, Fisher said he has never met the woman.

"Her repeated attempts to contact me, her delusional notions that we are married, her angry and hostile tirades against me, her appearance at my place of work and her recent travels near and around my place of residence are all extremely frightening to me," Derek Fisher wrote.


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The woman also began showing up at the Lakers training facility in El Segundo and near his home, according to court papers. She legally changed her last name to Fisher, David Harris, another of the Laker player's attorneys, told Cunningham.

The 40-year-old Symone Fisher began contacting the Laker player during the 2001-02 basketball season, when she had a different legal name, sending him packages of CDs with love songs, according to a sworn statement by Duran McGregory, the player's personal security manager.

She re-emerged during the 2005-06 season with Fisher as her new legal name, sending him letters saying the two should get married and that God wanted them to be together, McGregory wrote.

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