Lawsuit Over Marilyn Manson Spitting, Nose-Blowing Incident Is Dismissed

"(Manson) mocked and pointed at Ms. Fountain while laughing in her face,'' the suit stated.

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A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Marilyn Manson by a camera operator who alleged the shock rocker approached her twice during a 2019 concert in New Hampshire, spitting upon her the first time and later blowing substance onto her from his nose.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Audra Mori's ruling Wednesday regarding plaintiff Susan Fountain's lawsuit was "without prejudice,'' meaning the door is not closed to the case being revived later. No attorney or party in the case appeared for what was the scheduled trial date.

Fountain's suit alleged assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She was working in front of the stage at the Manson concert at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, N.H., on Aug. 18, 2019, and stood on a platform and case to try and get the best shots, according to the suit brought in August 2021.

At about 8:15 p.m., Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner, moved toward Fountain, stooped down and spat into her camera lens, with the spray falling onto her right hand, the suit stated.

Both the camera lens and hood had to be cleaned, the suit stated.

"Ms. Fountain was shocked and disgusted by (Manson's) conduct,'' the suit stated.

The director who was nearby called the incident "gross and disgusting,'' according to the suit.

After Fountain resumed her work, Manson again approached her, but this time she left the platform quickly to avoid another incident and the singer walked away, the suit states. The veteran camera operator then started filming from a higher angle, the suit stated.

However, Manson, now 54, then abruptly turned around and again stepped near Fountain and blew a substance from one of his nostrils at her, the suit states. An angry Fountain cursed at Manson, who showed no reaction, the suit stated.

"(Manson) mocked and pointed at Ms. Fountain while laughing in her face,'' the suit stated.

The alleged assault was captured on the large venue monitors, and some fans who recorded what Manson did later posted their video on YouTube, the suit stated.

"After being humiliated and assaulted with bodily fluids, she immediately left the pit and went to the restroom facilities,'' the suit stated.

Fountain was wearing short sleeves and shorts and had to wash her arms and legs, the suit stated.

Fountain was unable to continue her work for the remainder of the event, the suit states. She later underwent two tests within several months to ensure that she had not contracted any communicable diseases, the suit stated.

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