Officer Rescues Dog Trapped Under Car, Helps Pay for Surgery

Airport K-9 Officer Havon McLeod and colleagues pitched in to help pay for Roxy's life-saving surgery after she was struck on a freeway

Los Angeles Airport Police

An airport police K-9 officer on his way to work at LAX saved a small dog wedged under a vehicle on the freeway, then pitched in to help pay for her life-saving surgery.

Officer Havon McLeod pulled over in his police vehicle Monday after seeing what he thought might be a disabled vehicle stopped in the middle of the road. He later discovered a dog had been struck and become wedged under the vehicle.

With traffic backing up during the afternoon drive, McLeod and the driver, a United Airlines pilot and dog lover, used a jacket to gently removed the trapped dog and rush her to nearby Westchester Veterinarian Center, according to airport police.

Roxy, identified by the tag on her collar, was seriously injured, according to the veterinarians. McLeod called the animal hospital later to check up on her and learned she would need to be euthanized without expensive, life-saving surgery — procedures the family could not afford.

He and other officers collected $400 to pay for Roxy's surgery, according to airport police, who said the dog is "resting comfortably" after the surgery and expected to make a full recovery.

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