LAX Security Dogs Have Reason to Whine

They're just trying to do their jobs, but some dogs deserve hazard pay at LAX.

The Los Angeles City Council committee delayed a discussion Wednesday on a proposal that would require dogs traveling with their owners through Los Angeles International Airport to stay in a crate or kennel.

The proposed ordinance, approved in March by the Board of Police Commissioners, is intended to protect law enforcement dogs from being attacked by pets that are curbside or inside the terminal facilities at LAX. The new law would not apply to certified service dogs.

The Trade, Commerce and Tourism Committee continued the item until a later date at the request of airport officials.

"If the public is not required to kennel their animals, it is not inconceivable that an individual attempting to avoid detection may place an animal near to the contraband or explosive in an attempt to have detection dog handlers, seeking to minimize conflict, avoid sweeping that area," according to a report prepared by the Police Commission.

If approved, the ordinance would allow police to fine pet owners $25 for failing to cage their dog. A second offense in the course of a year would be a $45 fine and a third offense would result in a $65 penalty. 

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