Council to Consider Extension of Red-Light Camera Program

Two council members presented a motion to extend the program for a year on a month-to-month basis

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Scott Weber

The stop-and-go process involving LA's red-light cameras program might finally come to an Tuesday.

Live Video: Council Meeting

The city council was scheduled to consider a motion to extend the program. The proposal, presented by Councilmen Tony Cardenas and Bernard Parks, would extend the program for one year on a month-to-month basis.

The city's Police Commission voted earlier this month to end the red-light camera program contract with an Arizona-based company. In its 5-0 vote, the Police Commission also questioned the program's  safety value.

A public hearing during Friday's city council meeting was well-attended, but the council postponed a vote on the Cardenas-Parks motion. Cardenas said he wanted more colleagues present before the council discussed the issue.

Parks and Cardenas said they want to continue the program for another year to assess its public safety value and how to make it work  financially. The current contract that allows cameras to operate at 32 LA intersections expires July 31.

If a majority of the council rejects Parks' and Cardenas' proposal, the cameras will stop operating at the end of July.

The council's Tuesday meeting comes one day after the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which is led by LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, adopted a resolution to endorse red-light cameras as a safety tool. The group said the cameras "help reduce red-light running and speed-related injuries and fatalities."

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