Los Angeles Program Turns Night into Day

The city is keeping parks safe in the summer with lights.

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The Los Angeles program known as Summer Nights Lights offers not only organized activities in a safe environment citywide, but it now also provides 240 summer jobs for young men and women.

Summer Nights Lights was launched two summers ago at 8 parks as part of Mayor Villaraigosa's gang reduction and youth development plans. Now, the program is up to 24 parks,  where the lights literally turn night into day, and allow park goers to have fun in a safe, well-lighted environment late into the night.   

Much of the funding comes from private donations, with the city budget still hurting.  Butt neighborhood parents see Summer Nights Lights as a wise investment.

Summer Nights Lights runs Wednesday through Saturday until September 4th.

Here is the complete list of the 24 parks included in the program:

  1. Cypress Park
  2. Glassell Park
  3. Hubert Humphrey Park
  4. Imperial Courts Park
  5. Jackie Tatum Harvard Park
  6. Jim Gilliam Park
  7. Jordan Downs Park
  8. Lemon Grove Park
  9. Mt. Carmel Park
  10. Nickerson Gardens Park
  11. Ramon Garcia Park
  12. Ramona Gardens Park
  13. Ross Snyder Park
  14. Sepulveda Park
  15. Costello Park
  16. Delano Park
  17. Highland Park
  18. Lake Street Park
  19. Normandie Park
  20. Van Ness Park
  21. Martin Luther KIng Park
  22. Slauson Park
  23. South Park Park
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