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Museum of Ice Cream: Chilling Into August

The ice cream-themed experience will stay unmelted — in other words, open — through most of summer.

If a cake left out in the rain brings to mind an iconic Los Angeles location — MacArthur Park, and its famous eponymous song — then pause to imagine ice cream, staying perfectly unmelted, through much of August, in the Arts District.

It might be a bit of a fanciful stretch between the beloved tune and the pop-up, oh-so-popular Museum of Ice Cream, which debuted in Los Angeles in April after a buzzy New York City run, but things are pretty darn fanciful at the ice cream-themed experience.

Perhaps "fanciful," though, doesn't go nearly far enough, for there's that wade-in sprinkles pool (they're not real sprinkles, but so life-like, or, rather, sprinkles-like, you'd swear they were) and a room full of dangling pink and yellow bananas.

Those bananas will continue to dangle, and sprinkles will continue to fill the wading pool, and the Instagrammable happening at 2018 E. 7th Place will continue to Instagram-on through the bulk of August, rather than the end of May, the museum just revealed. 

Strawberry Hues, Jimmies u0026 Waffle Cones: Peek Inside LA's Museum of Ice Cream

More tickets for the popular, hard-to-get-a-ticket to-do are again on sale as of Friday, May 12.

A ticket for a guest over the age of 13 is $29. A ticket for a senior, or a child 3-12, is $18.

If you go, know this: Cameras are as essential as cones are to cold scoops. So you'll want to snap a photo or twenty while inside the pink-tastic palace.

And come ready to lick, as a few offbeat, what-flavor-is-this? edible treats are handed out along the way.

Also? There's a gift shop at the end, for all of your temporary ice cream tattoo needs.

So, there's a solid answer to the age-old, or, rather, just-thought-up question: How does ice cream not melt in the city of Los Angeles in August? Why when it is the Museum of Ice Cream, of course.

Ba-dum-bump here, if you feel so inspired, or not. Or simply proceed to the ticket-buying page now.

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