Museums Free-for-All Day Is on Its Wondrous Way

Vowing to add culture, art, science, and wonder to 2019? Here's your solid and spectacular start.

What to Know

  • Saturday, Feb. 2 and Sunday, Feb. 3
  • Dozens of SoCal museums are participating
  • Some venues require timed tickets, so visit the site for more information

"Free," as a concept, can easily wash over a person like a warm wave, and put all other pertinent thoughts to the side, as we happily bask in the amazing free-a-tude of any given situation.

So while Museums Free-for-All Day is definitely free, free, free — let's throw down a few more frees here, just to emphasize the point: free, free, free, free — you'll absolutely want to wade into your museum-enjoying plan knowing a few things before you go.


Well, real talk: Parking might cost something, depending upon the venue, even if the admission at the door is waived.

Also? While the annual treat presented by SoCal Museums happens over two days — Saturday, Feb. 2 and Sunday, Feb. 3 in 2019 — not every art/science/cultural institution on the big list will be open both days.

Though some will be. Check ahead, is all we're saying here.


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Also? Special exhibits aren't included in your free entry, as a rule.

Finally? You may need to reserve a timed ticket in advance, like at the Getty Villa. Best do so, well ahead of time, so you're not sad, that you didn't. 

That's solid advice, if we may say so ourselves.

So, knowing all of these super-duper-important things, we now draw back the curtain and reveal all of the museums. Unless you already hopped over to the event site, to take a peek for yourself.

That's some rad initiative on our part, and we aren't sore in the least if you did.

As mentioned, the Getty Villa is on board, and The Autry Museum of the American West, and the California African American Museum, and the Orange County Museum of Art, and so many other treasure-filled places that we, as a community, do treasure.


The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is doing a Saturday-only pop-up at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, next door. (Indeed, the movie museum is still under construction.)

Still basking in the notion of free-ness? Best shake that off, for a moment, and plan your pay-nothing cultural outings on the first weekend of February now.

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