Natalia Bryant Testifies She Feared for Her Life After Years of Stalker Hounding Her

The 32-year-old who tracked down Natalia Bryant on the USC campus said it was a "misunderstanding" and miss-read her non-responses on social media.

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A Sun Valley man has been ordered by a judge to stay 200 yards away from Kobe Bryant's daughter for the next three years.

Natalia Bryant testified in county court that she she feared for her life after years of stalking, online and in-person.

"He was in love with me. He wanted to make love to me. He wanted to be together," Natalia testified in court.

She was referring to Dwayne Cortez Toliver Kemp, 32, whom she's never met.

She never responded to him online.

"I was in fear, for the longest time, that if I did block him, he would act in rage or get angry," she said.

The direct messages on social media date back two years to when Natalia Bryant, daughter of late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa, was 17 years old.

Now at 19, she's a sophomore at USC.

She told the court she had been ignoring the messages, but became alarmed when Kemp showed up at her sorority a few months ago, with a bouquet of edible flowers. He then returned a second time with real flowers, and ended up wandering on to campus, asking staff if she was in class that day.

"He says he wants to come visit me, and then…he does," she testified.

An LAPD detective testified that Kemp posed a danger to Natalia based, in part, on video and photos he posted of himself buying semiautomatic weapons. He said owns legally registered guns because he works as a security officer.

He admitted that he did have a romantic interest in Bryant after she turned 19, but his intentions were neither malicious nor dangerous.

"It's totally a misunderstanding," he said. "I give flowers to females all the time, and it works."

He says he miss-read Bryant's non-responses on social media.

"If I would've been blocked, I would've known right then and there that she wasn't interested," he said.

Regardless of his rationale, the court concluded that Kemp exhibited "stalking behavior."

He's ordered to stay 200 yards away from her at all times for the next three years, and no contact whatsoever, including on social media.

Kemp has also been ordered to surrender or sell every firearm he owns, which he says will hurt the most, because without them, he can't work.

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