Miracle Kobe Bryant Buzzer Beater Lifts Lakers Over Heat

Superstar NBA baller Kobe Bryant saved his Los Angeles Lakers from defeat at the hands of the Miami Heat last night with a miracle three-point shot at the final buzzer, hurling up a Hail Mary from well beyond the arc to push the Lakers up 108-107 for the win.

Bryant had 3.2 seconds remaining to get a shot off, dribbling around two guards to launch the off-balance, desperate attempt from several feet beyond the three-point line, over the hands of an airborne Dwyane Wade. The shot banked off the backboard to land smoothly in the hoop and give his Lakers the edge.

Bryant had 33 points in the game, which saw the Lakers overtake a finely-tuned Heat that was playing at peak performance. Nine of Dwyane Wade's 26 points were scored in the final two minutes, while 3-pointers from Lakers Bryant and Derek Fisher came in the final 4.3 seconds.

The game also featured an all-star matchup between Jermaine O'Neal and Lamar Odom, which saw the two get slapped with twin technical fouls after a fight late in the second half, which led to Odom's ejection from the game.

The Lakers have beaten the Heat at home in Los Angeles five times in a row.


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