Neighbor's Pit Bulls Attack South LA Teen

The teen came home from the hospital Tuesday with multiple stitches on his face

A mother in South LA wants her neighbor's dogs put down after they mauled her 15-year-old son.

"I just remember I dove on his face so they wouldn't get to his face and his neck," mother Tiffany Jones said.

Her son, Isaiah Robertson, returned home from the hospital Tuesday afternoon, two days after the attack in the 5000 block of 4th Avenue, with numerous stitches on his face.

Isaiah had known the dogs since they were puppies and was in the backyard cleaning up after them, when his grandmother heard him screaming.

"They were chewing on my grandson," Felicia Franklin said. "One was on his face, one was on his arm, one was on his leg, and he was just hollering."

His mother and grandmother opened the gate and pulled Isaiah to the driveway, but the dogs wouldn't let go.

Neighbors tried to help, but the dogs lunged at them, too.

"When I went toward them the mother dog went toward me and started charging toward me aggressively," one neighbor said.

The family says it wasn't until one dog was stabbed and another was hit with a baseball bat that they backed off.

Two of the dogs were taken to a veterinarian. By Tuesday, all three were back in the yard where the attack took place.

Los Angeles Animal Services told NBC4 the dogs were not immediately removed, in part, because they were secure in the backyard. The department says attacks are treated on a case-by-case basis, and an investigation will determine if the dogs should be put down.

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