New for 2014: PaleyFest Goes Hollywood

"American Horror Story: Coven" will be one of the featured shows at the fest's new location.

Seeing stars in Southern California? It's pretty iffy and all left up to luck. 

Heck, we imagine the stars themselves don't know where to go to see other stars, outside of award shows and industry dinners and the occasional premiere. Like, do the famous where to find the other famous?

Probably, right?

But there is one place that is 1000% guaranteed to boast more than a hundred stars in just over a two-week span: PaleyFest. Some may call it the Comic-Con of television, less the costumes and the masquerades, but we prefer to think of it as the ultimate centerpiece of TV panel talky-talk luminosity.

That's not going over the top or anything, right? Good.

And if you dig seeing the casts of the water-cooler-iest shows gather together on stage to crack wise and reminisce with the creators, then get this: The March festival, which has been in Beverly Hills lo these many years -- its 31 years old, so you can see why we broke out the "lo these many years" bit -- is moving to the Dolby Theatre in 2014.

That's right: It'll land at the Oscars' main hangout just weeks after the Academy Awards vamooses the property.

Film and television, united in one spot, BFF-style. Nice.

As for the casts set to show? The big announcement, with the full line-up, arrives in early January, but the PaleyFesters provided a sneak peek on Tuesday, Dec. 17: "American Horror Story: Coven" and a "Veronica Mars" cast reunion, in advance of the feature, are in the mix.

Tickets, as you imagine, go faster than it takes a remote to switch channels. And Paley Center for Media members traditionally get first dibs, so there's that. If you're thinking of joining the Beverly Hills- and New York-based institution, the time could not be nigher.

Wait. People still say "water cooler" when talking television, right? We don't want that ever to go away, because we like to think of people hydrating while they gossip about fictional characters.

Keep an eye on PaleyFest HQ, keep an eye to early January, and, whatever you do, don't drive to the BH when going to see your panel in March: Again, the venerable TV-bration is landing in Tinseltown in 2014.

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