AP: NFL Stadium Backers Drop “Industry” Name

What's in a name? Too much Industry for some

The city of Industry is just too industrial sounding for backers of an NFL stadium.

The preferred name: Grand Crossing.

Apparently, images like the smokestacks above are not what NFL officials want people to see when they close their eyes and think, "NFL Stadium Proposal, NFL Stadium Proposal." So planners will stop referring to the proposed venue's location by its official name: Industry.

Majestic Realty Co. Vice President John Semcken said this week that the company has started referring to the hilly 600-acre site in the city of Industry as "Grand Crossing." Close your eyes and think about that -- at-grade railroad crossings, aerial view of an X plowed into a wheat field, all of a grandiose scale. 

Semcken said NFL officials requested a name change because of the negative connotations attached to the "Industry" moniker.

"I was specifically asked if I could change the name of the city by the National Football League, and I said yes and I did it,'' Semcken told the AP. "It's an impression that they have, which was a negative impression, and there's no reason to have it. You just get rid of it."

League spokesman Brian McCarthy declined to comment Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

Semcken said Grand Crossing would be used as the stadium's address after it's built. Until then, it will be used to promote the proposal.

He said the name was borrowed from a nearby industrial development that Majestic built previously.

Grand Crossing is one of two competing proposals that aim to bring pro football back to Los Angeles. The other is in downtown LA.

Here's a fly-by video of the proposed site, whatever it's called. 

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