Congressman Should Not Waste His Time

Jeepers, gee whiz, goodness gracious. This is how a California congressman has chosen to spend his time.

Rep. Adam Schiff of District 29 will honor McKay Hatch, a 17-year-old high school student in Pasadena who started the No Cussing Club, with a Congressional Record statement on Tuesday.

Son of a diddly. When did Ned Flanders from The Simpsons get elected to Congress?

Yes, profanity usage should be disparaged in schools. Yes, it is important for students to learn to express themselves in a workplace-acceptable manner. But since when has this been the way to teach children?

And what about the usage of government time and money?

South Pasadena, Los Angeles County and the California Assembly have already declared the first week of March “No Cussing Week.” Next, Hatch wants the Congress to adopt a "National No Cussing Week" next year.

This month in Alabama, the Mobile County Commission is spending $5,000 to host a “No Cussing Day” at a middle school. The school will use that money for airfare to actually fly in Hatch from California.

On a school day.

There is something wrong about all this, and you don’t have to be James Cameron to imagine how this whole movement is going over at schools.

Student 1: Hey Jim. You hear about the No Cussing Week?
Student 2: Yeah, Jerry. That’s [insert cuss word], hahaha.
Student 1: Yeah, man. Total [insert cuss word], hahaha.

Where does it end?

“Do Your Homework” Month?  “No Running on the Blacktop” Awareness Week? “Finish Your Green Vegetables” Day?

If only social change was that easy.

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