NorCal Beer Bust: Alleged Burglar Helps Himself to a Cold One

Man Arrested in Store's Beer Cooler

A man was arrested in a South San Francisco liquor store Saturday night after he was found drinking in the store's walk-in beer cooler while attempting a burglary, according to police.

Darwin Barrios-Paz, 21, of South San Francisco, was arrested on charges of commercial burglary, possession of narcotics, and giving false identification to South San Francisco police after officers responded to a reported broken window at about 11 p.m. Saturday, and found him drinking in the store's walk-in beer cooler, police said.

Barrios-Paz had used a cement cinder block to break a window at the store at 71 Camaritas Ave., tampered with two cash registers and put several calling cards into plastic bags, police said.

After admitting to entering the store with intent to commit a theft, Barrios-Paz was arrested and booked at San Mateo County Jail, police said.

Barrios-Paz was also found to be in possession of a small amount of cocaine and marijuana, and used a false Arizona driver's license to identify himself, police said.

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