Official Disneyland Instagram Hacked Early Thursday Morning

"i am a super hacker that is here to bring revenge upon Disney land," one of the captions on the since-deleted posts read, before using vulgar language and racist slurs.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Disney fans may have noticed something strange and upsetting during their early morning scroll through Instagram on Thursday.

Just after 4 a.m. PDT, a hacker used unauthorized access to the Anaheim resort giant's social media account to post several photos, adding captions full of slurs and offensive language.

The posts have since been removed, and Disneyland says they are investigating the incident.

"Disneyland Resort’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were compromised early this morning," the resort said in a statement to NBCLA on Thursday. "We worked quickly to remove the reprehensible content, secure our accounts, and our security teams are conducting an investigation."

The posts consisted of a series of what seem to be selfies of a man in his 20s.

Language in the caption suggests they're photos of the hacker, though the identity of the person who accessed the account, and whether they used their own photos or those of another person, is not known.

"i am a super hacker that is here to bring revenge upon Disney land," one caption reads in part, before going on to say the poster is "f---ing tired" of Disney employees supposedly mocking them for vulgar reasons. The caption also refers to Disney employees by a racist slur.

Another photo posted to the Disneyland account's Story contained a threat and the same racist slur.

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