Settlement Reached in Oil Drilling Dispute

A contentious legal battle, lasting years, over oil drilling in the Baldwin Hills area has been finally been settled.

More than a thousand acres of oil fields run by Plains Exploration & Production define the horizon near Stocker and La Brea, Slauson and La Cienega.

But many complain the smells and shaky ground are hardly worth the iconic view.

A lawsuit on their behalf just settled out of court. Proponents say the settlement reduces the number of new wells, monitors air quality and more.

"This is a lawsuit that has been ongoing for nearly three years now. Contentious and protracted to say the least," according to Andrew Weissman, Culver City councilman.

LA County Supervisor, Mark Ridley Thomas believes citizens prevailed by not going to court.

"We called in the attorney general's office and said something has to give. There are fifteen points to this settlement. It's a good settlement," according to Mark Ridley Thomas.

The company involved issued a statement Tuesday night about the settlement.

"We will now incorporate the additional requirements of the Agreement into PXP's compliance program to ensure an even higher level of public confidence that their health, safety, welfare and environment are being protected," said Steve Rusch, VP Plains Exploration & Production Co. (PXP).

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