Ron Goldman

“Did He Do It? Maybe, Maybe Not”: Simpson Juror Speaks Out

Twenty four years after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, one of the jurors in the "Trial of the Century" spoke out about the deliberations that left OJ Simpson a free man.

David Aldana said Simpson might be guilty, but the evidence presented to the jurors wasn't enough to put him behind bars.

"On the evidence that they gave me to evaluate, it was crooked by the cops," Aldana said. "The evidence given to me to look at, I could not convict. Did he do it? Maybe, maybe not."

Aldana said he was convinced LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman planted the black glove at the crime scene.

He didn't care for Detective Tom Lange because he spoke to the attorneys but did not look at the jury. But defense attorney Johnnie Cochran entertained him.

"When he was up there, he was like the star," Aldana said of Cochran.

Testimony during the eight-month-long trial was often boring, he said, but the jurors fed well and taken on excursions.

Aldana said he was touched by the suffering of Goldman's father, Fred. 

"I feel for him, but I know if he was to see me, he would probably want to pop me," Aldana said.

He had no idea about the magnitude of the trial until he went to see his mother after being released from jury duty and found the street lined with news trucks.

Following the trial, some friends wouldn't talk to him, and Aldana got into at least five different physical confrontations over the case.

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