Oxnard Thinking About Name Change

How does Oxnard Shores sound?

What's in a name? An image consultant hired by Oxnard has suggested the city change its name to "Oxnard Shores" to appeal to tourists.

"It's meant to add a physical picture," Roger Brooks, the head of Destination Development International, told the Los Angeles Times. "If there were a town called Pismo or Seal, would it mean anything to you?"

"Oxnard Shores" is already a beachfront neighborhood near the city, and the mayor says using that name is a good way to keep the word "Oxnard."

The image consulant said that Oxnard isn't known outside the region for its seaside fun.

The 112-year-old city is named for Henry T. Oxnard and his brother James, who built a sugar-beet processing plant that has long since been dismantled.

The name change is just a proposal that has yet to reach the City Council.

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