Southern California Pastor Faces Child Sex Crime Charge

One of the allegations against the Perris pastor involves a victim who is younger than 16, according to investigators

A 41-year-old pastor from a Southern California church was arrested on sex crime charges that include allegations involving a victim who was under 16 years old, according to investigators.

Jerome Anthony Clay Sr. was arrested on Thursday morning in the 400 block of Perris Boulevard, police said.

He was arrested after Perris police served search warrants at Compassion Church at 190 E. Fifth Street and his Riverside County home. NBC4 spoke with one neighbor, who was shocked to hear of the allegations and said Clay had done a lot for the church over the last two years.

"He doesn’t seem like that type of man to me at all. I don’t know who could have said that, I just don’t see it in him. I don’t see that happening," neighbor Marsha Raigans said.

Sheriff's investigators believe there are other victims and urge them to contact law enforcement to report the crimes.

Anyone with additional information regarding this investigation is encouraged to contact Investigator Barajas, at the Perris Police Department by calling 951-210-1044, or by sending email to

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